Food As A Portal | Part Two


I’ve found that things change, and as I’ve “grown up”, so has my courage and point of view. I found that whenever I was looking outside for answers, all that I was finding were half truths that didn’t fit within the box I was meant to grow out of.

I was always ashamed and embarrassed to share that I believe in a Universe that is here for us. That there is a bigger truth to this life than simply surviving. And trust me, I was barely getting by! Then suddenly, everything clicked. And that’s what I want to share. My work is about about the sudden jolt that brings you to your knees and makes you thankful for this magical life that you are here to live.

Since I was young I always believed in magic. More specifically, the idea that there is someone looking over us. I’m not religious, and never have been, but I’ve known that deep inside there is someone (or something!) helping me along my path. All the right books came into my hands, the right teachers and the perfect mirror situations. And even though I have been working as a professional Chef for over two decades, my path has always been one of internal growth, while looking outside for answers.

There have been astrologers, tarot readers, psychics, gurus, body workers, light activations. You name it, I’ve tried it! And they all come to the conclusion that the power is inside of US. You alone can heal yourself, and YES, life can be amazing. Of course it can still be hard, and days can suck, but you will learn how to navigate those times. That’s the purpose of my workshops. To give you the tools, tips and tricks to work on yourself, everyday. I’ve spent the last 30 years searching for answers, and have compiled the “best of” into these workshops. I put in the work so that you don’t have to!

And what about the food? What about the 20 years you spent working as a chef? Well, food for me is a portal. It’s the first, and very important, step into a better happier life. We have to eat well, but then we also have to THINK well. And those two things go hand in hand! The better we eat, the better we think and the better we think, the better we live our true purpose in life. We can go after what we really want and we can make conscious purposeful decisions that lead us closer to our dreams. By increasing your happiness, you are, at the same time, allowing your body to release what it does not need. See how food is intertwined and is a first step to achieving your goals?

Through food and plant medicine you start your healing process. That’s why I emphasize activating “Body, Mind and Spirit”, because that's how things begin. You start paying more attention to how to vibrate higher everyday. Be it through food, the environment you surround yourself with, the things you pay attention to. It’s the little things that make up a whole. But of course, because food is at the core of what we do, you’ll still find recipes and a whole range of Botanicals to help you on your way.

With love + light,


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Mafalda Pinto Leite