This is where you’ll find all the rituals to guide you on your journey. They are the map that will carry you throughout your day, everyday. Find comfort and security in having things planned, taking the time to change old patterns and create new ones. Here you will find several videos with all the hacks you need to navigate deeply and successfully in each workshop.




The Toolbox

Welcome to the Toolbox section.

This is the best option to activate more deeply the theme of the month with potent plant allies and spiritual self care tools.

In this Toolbox you will have access to :

Purpose Anointing Oil

Jojoba oil activated with Nettle, Roses, Yarrow,Calendula, Linden.

A proprietary blend of essential oils featuring some of the stars like bergamot (encourages prosperity and material successes), Marjoram (helps with emotional exhaustion, protection and prosperity), Helichrysum also known as Immortelle (used for meditation, make self-exposure safe, provides support in releasing emotional trauma. Also a useful tool to help us reconnect with the spiritual realm and opens the heart and mind to new experiences and practices), Tulsi (reconnecting to the divine life force).

To use:

Apply as needed during the day to bring you back into what you’re wanting to manifest in your life. Anoint your wrists, forehead and other physical things in your environment. I like to rub it on my hands and touch a special journal with the oil, the steering wheel, or other things in my life to create sacred space.

Purpose Mist

Made with Activating Spring Water, infused with Quartz then bathed in the Super Full Moon in Virgo, this mist’s star ingredient is my Purpose + Direction Flower Essence.

Bergamot encourages prosperity and material successes, marjoram helps emotional exhaustion, protection and prosperity, Helichrysum is used for meditation and is also a useful tool to help us reconnect with the spiritual realm and opens the heart and mind to new experiences and practices, and finally Tulsi reconnects us to the divine life force.

To use:

Spray around your body and over your head to cleanse your energetic space.

It’s also wonderful to cleanse a tense room, when people with a dense energy are present or have left your environment. I like to use it all over my meditation space before I meditate to cleanse and activate my surroundings . You could also use it on your pillow before you rest.

Purpose Blend

This powerful blend of botanicals was created specifically to unveil your deepest desires. To help strengthen from the inside out, to strengthen your  nervous system and to clear old blockages so the light the divine energy can shin in. I formulated it with Nettle to cleanse the aura, amplify and bring protection, Linden to open the heart, Yarrow to act as an auric shield and help heal soul wounds, Heather to feel secure and complete without having to look outside yourself for fulfillment, Broome to clear the mind and promote focused thinking

To use:

Take 1 tsp daily to activate inside out. Mix with smoothies, nut milks or tea.

Guided Meditation

This is so important. It has definitely changed my life and the way that I interact with it.

There are 2 types of Meditation that we will use in this Purpose Workshop:

Guided Meditation (an Activating Self-hypnosis)

This type of meditation, as the name clearly denotes, is one where you will be led by a recording to take you into a deep meditative state where you can encounter your deepest hidden truths, where you will find the answers to questions you have been asking. In this case, your real purpose in life.

  • In this meditation you can choose to journal the answers that come up during the meditation. Write the answers that you hear from your soul.

  • OR you can choose not to. You can opt to just move through the meditation and write down what came up for you after (I prefer this, as it interferes less with the relaxation state) .


Creative Visualization

This is where you reprogram your life. As the saying goes “change your thoughts, change your life”. Couldn’t be more real! Or “Rewire your brain, rewire your life” would also work!

Here you will use the findings in the guided meditation and use them to create emotions through the visualization of the outcome you are looking for.

How this works:

Before you go to sleep, spray your bedroom with the Purpose Mist, lay down and relax. Breathe deeply for 5 or more times. Try breathing in for 8 counts. Hold for 8 and exhale for 8. When you feel your body relax and your mind rest, start visualizing how you would like your life to be 1 year from now. Focus on the emotions that this thing would bring you. We are looking for feelings and emotions. This is what will activate your future. Do the same for 3 years in the future. Think on what you will be doing, how you will be feeling, how tall you stand, how you dress, how you hold yourself. Try as much as you can to use your creativity and your imagination to uncover how your life would FEEL. We are looking for sensations. This will fool your brain into believing that what your feeling is real. So it has no other choice but to materialize your thoughts! These are principles of the law of attraction and based on neuroplasticity. Where science meets spirituality.

Try and be consistent with this work. This is what will create lasting change and get things moving in your life. This work is all about conscious, focused intention. And practice makes miracles happen.

So basically, it has been proven that what you focus your attention on produces your reality. If you’re interested in this type of more scientific work check Eric Kandel’s work on: synapses and memory. What you study becomes stronger and what you don’t “falls” off your mind. You can literally control the construction or dismantlement of your brain wiring.

Change your brain change your reality”.

If you focus on what you really want, instead of all the bad thoughts, you have anything form 80,000/60,000 thoughts a day, and more than 70% are the same as the day before and often negative. If you fixate on the negatives that is the reality that you will create. This is my basis for Manifestation Work: Focusing on what you really want. The good things. As I have said before it’s not “the list” that matters but the feeling, the emotion that what you are manifesting brings..

Example: If you are wanting a new house, embody the emotions that that house will bring you, the joy, security, warmth, space, happiness, fulfillment, and let the Universe decide where that should be.

I am not talking sitting down and doing nothing, or waiting for some house keys to fall on your lap. By all means go and look, see what’s available, “feel” what a perfect house for you would be. BUT don’t become attached. There is always that phrase “this or better” that should be ever present in your mind.

Practice intentional surrender, intentional action instead. You can do this with creative visualisation. Our mind is a magnet, we send information outwards through our minds and what manifests (our reality) is a response form to that.

  • Creative Visualization is when you learn to achieve a very relaxed state of meditation and are guided to visualize the feeling that what you want will bring you.

  • This Creative Visualization meditation you should do daily, if possible 2 times a day (morning + evening). This will bring you closer to what you really want, what is meant for you. If you can only do this Visualization once a day, try to get glimpses of those feeling several times a day, seconds will do. You just really need to embody that feeling. This is because before something “appears” in reality it is molded in your auric field. I know, esoteric, but think about it.  Remember a time when you really wanted something and something big actually happened? I see this happening very well and quickly in children, as they are very pure they can attract the things they want fast, as they still haven’t learned that there are challenges, doubts that we create in our head, fears that block things to us. So, think back to that time that you magnetized something big. What did you do that was different? What did you feel? For me, just trusting that something is meant to be, doing focused intentional action towards that goal (basically anything that I feel I can do, “the work”, to achieve a certain goal) and then leaving it up to the Universe. Not being attached to an outcome, knowing deep in my being that if its meant for me, it will happen!

  • When you plan things too hard, too specifically what can happen is that things don’t work out as planned, but when you look back, sometimes years later you understand why. Expectations are not a good thing!



Get clear on what you really want. Stop sending mixed signals, doubt, fear and repressed emotions. They get in the way and the universe gets confused.

A curious fact: we think 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day 70% of these thought are the same as the day before!

So if you believe that your thoughts are somehow connected to your life then the same thoughts always lead to the same choices. The same choices always lead to the same behaviours and the same behaviour create the same experiences and the same experiences produce the same emotions.

Do you know that more than 70% of the population lives in a lower vibrational frequency? Based on fear and doubt? Imagine what that does to your experience of reality, your relationships? To the outcomes of your future.

Are you are sending information that is confusing so things don’t happen as fast, or as clear as they could?

Example: What frequency are you vibrating at? You can understand this by what you are attracting in your life, be it situations, friendships or health.

You have to understand that there is a time lapse in the matrix, that makes the things you are calling in take a little extra time to come through. What you see as your present is actually what you have been working on in the past, so if you decided to change your life, or change your direction, what you are calling in will take a little while. You have to have patience. You have to do the work. Be consistent and persistent. This is the way to achieve lasting, real, positive change.

So get clear on what you really want, and activate that emotion, that feeling that what you are bringing in ignites in you and try to “feel” that emotion as many times a day as possible. (Internal Compass: creative visualization)

Have patience with yourself. Understand that as you put in the work things will happen faster, as you start to raise your vibration and align with your true self.

The thing is that we have all been programmed, one way or another, to suppress, repress and reject our true authentic self. That part of us that was genuine and pure did things without really pausing to think, ponder or analyze. Since we were young we had to act in different ways than those that came instinctively to us, to please our parents, teachers and caregivers. That’s when we started to gather dust in our cristalyne windows. My analogy that we all are born with the clearest crystalline windows to our soul, and as time passes we start to shut off the true voice of our being to please others. And we push back, cover our wants in prol of another. Our windows start to get mucky and we can’t see fully through. We forget who we really are, who we were here to become.

In our childlike insecurities we learned to navigate our environment in ways that wouldn’t trigger the ones that took care of us so we started to be we thought they would want us to be (although not always a true perception). As we thought they would love us more, keep us safe, loved. These are the emotions we have to stir up, acknowledge, love and integrate them so we can evolve and actually promote lasting change in our lives. This is our shadow.

Maybe what you wanted to be when you were young wasn’t approved by your parents, wasn’t going to make enough money, wasn’t sufficiently good status wise, you wouldn’t amount to anything if you followed your young self’s yearnings.

  • Example: I was always connected to spirituality. In one way or another books, people, information fell on my lap since a very young age that made me question life’s normality. Is this it, I thought? Are we meant to live everyday like this? There has to be something extra, something special to this life! This has been a pivotal and ever present question in my life. What is really important? How life could actually be one of service and that together we could really make a difference.

  • But my dear Father made fun of my choice in books, in my way of thinking. He thought that I had no idea how the “real world” was. You don’t make a living with self-help, life isn’t all roses, it’s aggressive, and competitive and you or marry a rich man or you have a job that pays well. Oh but you are a woman, and that isn’t that good either, doesn’t pay well. So maybe do something more in the field of arts, but not an artist, maybe an architect it has more status. And I have connections and you can work for someone famous, but I don’t really think you are good enough so I don’t think your going to be a famous anything. Well that’s a little of me. Don’t take me wrong I love my father and he has supported me through everything and I know that he didn’t mean any harm, he just wanted me to be “prepared”. You decide what you want to believe, what you want to feel.

So I ventured into something still not very acceptable (before celebrity chefs where a thing): Food! Natural food at that. Chef?! Spirituality?! That is for insecure housewives.

So get clear on what you really want. Check if you are not projecting, if you aren’t making choices out of survival mode, approval mode, or just because you don’t have faith on your capabilities or the Universe.

I deeply believe that if you get a glimpse of something, that if there is something that really interests you profoundly, that these are the Soul’s breadcrumbs leading you to where you should be. The question is will you go through that path? The one that is scary because you don’t know what the outcome will be? The one that you love so much that you don’t even know if it can be considered work? How comfortable are you in the moment before you get to where you’re going? Before the veil is lifted? That is the deepest, scariest challenge that can lead you to your most magical special life ever. You have to trust. Are you ready to trust? To give your all? To take a leap of faith? I was. And this is where it has lead me. To a life I am actually excited to wake up to everyday!

Now let’s unearth what makes you alive. What makes you excited to do everyday. What your really good at!

The Forum

Because the support doesn’t stop at doing the workshops alone, I have created a safe space to share and meet a like-minded community. You can post any question that comes up, share an experience or simply have someone to hold you accountable on your journey. This is where you stop doing it all alone. The Member's Forum is the place you can connect and receive support. I will also be available through the forum to answer any questions that may come up.

Any extra tip or link will be posted here, whether it be books, podcasts or music. Many times during the Lesson and Class I will also reference books, or other things that are mentioned that time, and they will be linked in the Forum only.




The word kriya means action. It is an action that leads to a complete manifestation like a thought into actuality.

In Kundalini Yoga (yoga of awareness) a kriya is a series of postures, breath, and sound that work toward a specific outcome. Practicing initiates a sequence of physical and mental changes that activates body, mind and spirit.

Each kriya has a different effect, but all work on all levels of your being. So here I advise you to take away the real star of the show: the kriya in itself.

The kriya I selected for this workshop helps to clear the Aura and negativity around you. It helps you open your field to a higher knowing, that will help you find your way. It will also attract to you all that is your birthright: happiness and prosperity.


The daily practice of Gyan Chakra that combines movement and mantra to bring you discernment and prosperity will change your life. It most certainly has changed mine!

That’s why this is the best meditation to start with. It attracts miracles! As you cleanse your Aura and amplify your energetic field, you also begin attracting everything to you through your radiance. You naturally uplift environments and circumstances around you, and tap into your own intuition to guide you on your journey.

“This will get for you all that you need on the planet. You will see better, see bigger. All will come to you.”

You can start at 3 minutes and gradually build to 11 minutes daily. Add a minute daily until you reach the 11 minute mark.

Gyan Chakra’s primary effect is that it brightens your halo and builds the aura to bring prosperity. One of its technologies is that it works with the idea that all of our Akashic records (essentially your life purpose, past lives, and soul lessons) exist in the arc line. During the exercise, the fingers cut diagonally above the head, activating the arc line which taps the knowledge from the aura and akasha.

If all of that sounds too esoteric, then just know that this exercise will make you glow. You’re commanding cosmic energy to you. Gyan Chakra meditation allows you to receive the opportunities coming in your direction. Too often we are our own worst enemy, we block things, be it because of our own self-worth, or our addiction to things being hard. Believing that things must be a struggle, that if we're not struggling, we're not working hard. No self-sabotage here please!

Meditation is not a selfish act, it's a practice for each other. Elevate others through your own successes, raise others to a higher vibrational frequency, from the infectiousness of your overflowing, beautiful self. Your radiant aura.

The movement of the arms literally moves the arc line, working with our receptivity so we can receive the magnificence, accept it and then handle it. Handling our own innate magnificence is the key here. Gyan Chakra removes the blockages of self-sabotage and opens you up to your own ultimate human potential.


Sit cross-legged with a straight spine.

Mudra (hand position):

Place the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb, the rest of the fingers straight.


Alternatively move the hands in large swooping circles over the head. The right hand moves in a counterclockwise circle over the head. The left hand moves in a clockwise circle over the head, both arms never going below the heart center (the chest). Stagger the movement of the two arms, and keep the hands circling up and around and move forcefully in rhythm with the mantra, one revolution per second. For the last 10 seconds move the arms as fast as possible.


The mantra is “Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru”. Chant this out loud, with reverence for your own voice and sound, as you move your arms.


3 to 11 minutes. Set an alarm on your phone.

To Finish:

Three inhales and exhales with the arms stretched straight up and fingers remaining in the mudra (hand position). Inhale and stretch the arms upward for 10 seconds each time, lengthening the spine. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale again. Exhale. Inhale one last time. This time twisting the body left and right 7 times (14 twists in total), keeping the arms straight above the head. Exhale, and relax.

“If your psyche and your halo is there, this exercise shall give you your halo as it should be, more you do it, more fast you will be you. Opportunities will come to you, you don’t have to chase after them. Am I clear?” - Yogi Bhajan

Please start at minute 2.34