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Radiant is a special program dedicated to enhancing your beauty from the inside out.

Helping you recognize that beauty comes from what you put on your plate and what you put on your skin. And to make you feel whole, healthy, nourished and beautiful in body, mind and soul—the only way to truly glow.


The Radiant Program begins on 3rd June.


this program includes


MPL exclusive recipes and videos

A curated menu of my most beautifying breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


Deluxe clean beauty samples from MPL Beauty

To complement your meals and enhance your radiance.


Guidebook and Lifestyle Tools

To make you look and feel your absolute best.


Radiant will help you to glow from the inside out.

Indulge in a rainbow of healing, hydrating, age-defying recipes crafted to cultivate beauty from the inside out with my special Radiant Program videos, menu ideas and lifestyle guide.




Exclusive MPL Plant-Rich RECIPES


Recipes and SELF CARE Videos


Guidebook and lifestyle tools


Beauty kit with all the essential tools


plant-based beauty kiT


Enhance your glow with a selection of clean and natural essentials from MPL Beauty.

Included: Beauty Tonic Concentrate (silica + rose + 72 trace minerals for hydration, remineralization and detoxification); Radiant Beauty Serum (Hydrate and protect natural collagen), Detox Body Scrub (for deep tissue detox while you shower), Relax Bath Salts (to relax and hydrate), Radiant Beauty Protein (21g plant protein + adaptogens + phytoceramides + enzymes for digestion, detox, energy and beautiful skin), Beauty Detox Tea (Nettles + Heather + Rose for de-bloating, digestion and a smooth glowing skin), Detox Blend (clinically shown to make skin softer, brighter and more even)


recipes and skincare videos


Videos that teach you how to take your self care ritual to another level.

More soon…


Glow from the inside out. Reserve your spot.